Play any operator you want this month on Rainbow Six Siege’s new Stadium map


Ahead of Rainbow Six Siege‘s tournament next month, the Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft are sending players on a month long in-game event. The Road To SI 2020 playlist will last for five weekends with a matching Battle Pass and unlockable rewards on a brand new map.

From January 15th to February 16th, players will have access to an unranked mode where Ubisoft say, “matches are Bomb matches with Pick and Ban, 3-minute rounds on a 3-round rotation.” While playing on the new Stadium map during the event, you’ll be able to play as any of R6’s operators, even those you haven’t otherwise unlocked.

Alongside the month long event is the Road To SI 2020 Battle Pass with 35 tiers. Free rewards include “headgears, weapon skins, weapon charms, and Alpha Packs.” In addition to what’s in the free tier, the paid Battle Pass also includes “uniforms, 600 R6 Credits, and Renown boosters.” The Premium Pass costs 1200 R6 Credits, which comes out to £8/$10.

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“30% of revenue on this will go to the Six Invitational prize pool up to a maximum of [3 million] USD,” Ubisoft also say. “Any surplus will be redistributed across other official Rainbow Six esports programs.”

You can read more about the Battle Pass and the Road To SI 2020 on Ubisoft’s Website.

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